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Inside Klout

It’s been an awesome first two months for me here at Klout. Since I started I’ve had the opportunity to get to know people from across the company, and I’m struck by the blend of intelligence, passion, hard work and humor my colleagues bring every day. This is a special group that is working to create not just a long-lasting company but a whole new way for everyone to benefit from the rise of social media.

Just to illustrate my point and show how much I love the folks here :) — some personal impressions since starting in May:

  • Our engineers are up there with the best that I’ve worked with, and they celebrate wins in style. First startup I’ve worked at where API status is routinely reported as “SEXY!
  • Our copywriter runs to and from the office every day as part of his training regimen for the SF Marathon. In fact, marathon training has gone viral and there is a weekly class.
  • Two-year anniversaries can be dangerous. We reenacted The Hunger Games for a recent two-year celebration. Complete with Hillbilly Margaritas.
  • Members Only jackets are back. It took 30 years, but they’re a thing again now. Separately, I’ve been introduced to summer denim colors but will need to work my way up to pink jeans.
  • The marketing team started and runs a program for nonprofits called Klout for Good that’s helped connect thousands of people with causes from UNICEF to the SF AIDS Walk.
  • People are serious about their food. It’s a tossup but I’m going to say that our finance team wins for the greatest number of delicious looking restaurants visited.
  • Our new COO loves to engage in thoughtful and complex discussions about the world. Not only is he a successful startup guru (at, he also served as a White House fellow doing some very high-level international policy work.

These vignettes are just a glimpse of what the people and life at Klout are like. The consistent thread across my interactions is that this team is genuinely motivated to follow through on our mission of democratizing influence. And to do it Klout-style, which means with fun and a lot of swagger.

Great culture comes from great people. It’s a credit to our humble (and wicked smart :) ) founder and original Kloutlaw, Joe Fernandez, that the people here built this culture alongside a company and technology platform.

The bigger picture is that we’re on the cusp of introducing something new on the product side that I’m very excited to see go live. All totally exhilarating, which wears on my not so young anymore body, but I couldn’t imagine a better place to be than Klout as we roll these updates out later this year and start to really fulfill the vision.

  1. I made your post:) Great summary of life at Klout!

    August 6, 2012

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