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Going Live with Firefox 3.5

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This morning Mozilla released Firefox 3.5.

It’s a terrific upgrade for the 300 million+ current Firefox users, and will radically improve the Web experience for everyone who migrates to Firefox in the months to come. Most of all, Firefox 3.5 is a compelling expression of the values that underlie Mozilla’s ongoing mission to improve the Web itself.

I’m extremely proud of the hard work everyone in the Mozilla marketing community put into making this a stellar product launch. Each launch I’ve been a part of has felt unique. This year, and with this release, we’ve crossed into operating within a new, more intense competitive environment. One that we’ve had a huge part in creating, for the benefit of everyone on the Web.

Much <3 to everyone in the Mozilla community on a fantastic release, and to upgrading the Web.

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  1. db #

    Paul – congrats to you and the team on pulling off a stellar Fx 3.5 launch! Well done.

    July 2, 2009

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