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Marketing Updates on the Road to Firefox 3.5

Firefox_by_Ophyr_2Some of what’s been happening on the Mozilla marketing front to share with you, friends, as we trek down the final stretch to the release of Firefox 3.5.

Advertising Age’s Garrick Schmitt (also EVP at Razorfish and kind human) paid a visit to Mozilla last month. Garrick’s post on the work we’ve done in conjunction with our community to spread Firefox just came out and it’s a great read. Here’s a clip:

Mozilla competes against Microsoft, Apple and Google — arguably the biggest and most valuable brands in the world — and it succeeds with no traditional advertising (or big budgets) to speak of. It may have taken Barack Obama’s historic political campaign and election to alert the ad industry to the power of grass-roots marketing, but the ongoing success of Mozilla’s Firefox marketing efforts are more relevant for most.

Read Garrick’s full column at

I gave a talk last week at the Influx Curated conference, a one-day gathering of 250 creative professionals from  the advertising, design and technology fields organized by Ed Cotton of BSSP. The reaction to the Firefox marketing stories I talked about was gratifying, mainly because of how the way we’ve learned to work as a distributed, participatory movement resonated with people just glancingly familiar with us. (I’m indebted to John Lilly for his help with a bunch of the content in my slides, which I’ve embedded below.)

Ed Cotton’s insights from Influx Curated

Lastly, Mozilla is a sponsor of this weekend’s Open Video Conference in New York. It’s going to be an epic, dare I say, wes-andersonian gathering of people working across the spectrum of technology, activism, and culture about video, the Web and the power we have to shape this still emergent media space. I’ll be attending the OVC along with several Mozillians: Chris Blizzard, Paul Rouget, Asa Dotzler and Mark Surman.

Here’s an overview of the Open Video Conference that co-organizers Dean Jansen and Ben Moskovitz sent my way:

Open Video Conference
June 19-20 in New York

What is Open Video? Open Video is a movement to promote free expression and innovation in online video. The upcoming conference is a three day showcase of inspiring talks, awesome video and film, open hacking sessions, parties, and cutting edge open tech.

Why is Open Video Important? At this very moment, in 2009, we have a chance to ensure that internet video retains key characteristics of the internet at large. It’s still early and things are looking good, but we need devices that play nice with each other, networks that aren’t totally neutered, and playback and production tools that are low-cost (ideally free/open source) and easy to use. Developments like Hulu are interesting, because people can watch what they want, when they want. But we don’t want internet video to be a glorified TV on demand service. We want video to be a dynamic medium that invites clipping, archival, remix, collage, repurposing, and many other uses that are currently inhibited by law or by lack of tools.

About the Open Video Conference: The event will take place on at NYU’s law school and is expected to attract more than 600 participants from a wide range of backgrounds. Industry will meet grassroots, artists and filmmakers will meet technologists; and theorists will meet activists. Everyone will be talking about the future of internet video as it relates to free expression and innovation.

Speakers: NYU’s Clay Shirky, Boing Boing’s Xeni Jardin, Democracy Now!’s Amy Goodman, co-creator of the Daily Show Lizz Winstead, the head of video for TED Talks, representatives from YouTube, Adobe, Mozilla and many more technology companies, an EFF staff attorney, and lots more! Also participating are hackers from free and open source software projects, including: Firefox, VLC, GStreamer, Xiph/Ogg/Theora, Miro, Boxee and many more. See the full lineup here:

Phew! Lots going on, as usual (I didn’t even mention our uptown office move, Mozilla Service Week, our collaboration with Infectious, or And, shortly, make way Internets for Firefox 3.5 – you’re going to love it. No treasure hunts required.

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  1. Tom #

    Hi Paul,

    After stumbling across you’re blog I wanted to say that I think Firefox is the best web browser I have ever used!

    I’ve tried Google Chrome but it was more complex to use so I went back to Firefox.

    I only realized how intuitively friendly Firefox is to use when I could no longer use the browser in the Taiwan office it does not work, on our network :(

    I did try Internet Explorer, but it’s always slow and unstable, plus book marks are more of a pain to add. Internet Explorer do have one nice feature though which is when you click on a new tab, it puts the table too the right of the tab you are on. While Firefox put a new tab at the end of all the other tabs if that make any sense?

    I now use Safari which I still think is not that great, always to crash if you have too many tabs open….ha now you’re thinking I have some tab fetish going on.

    Anyway hope you and you’re team keep up the good work!



    June 21, 2009

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