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Meet the Firefox Marketing Team

Over the past couple of years that I’ve been at Mozilla, we’ve been fortunate to have terrific people join the marketing team, deliver strong programs and roll out blogs on Planet Mozilla and Spread Firefox who’ve never been formally introduced to the Mozilla community.

Like a lot of Mozilla, we have a much smaller team relative to our reach and impact on the Web. When we launched Firefox 1.5, appropriately enough there were about 1.5 dedicated marketing staff in the US dedicated to the launch. We about doubled this number for Firefox 2.

As we’ve been gearing up for the launch of Firefox 3, the team’s grown. We have marketing team members working on our web sites, events, advertising, PR, analytics, grassroots outreach and more.

You’ve already seen posts by several folks that I’m about to introduce here on planet and on SFx. All of us are fully invested in the work our fellow ninjabots in dev, QA, build and IT pour into making Firefox 3 a six-gallon bucket of awesome.

So without further ado, meet the Firefox marketing family (add -at- mozilla -dot- com after the email names):

Mary Colvig
Mary joined Mozilla in 2006 after representing us as part of our PR team and immediately jumped in on the Firefox 2 and Thunderbird 2 launches. She currently manages our events program.
email: mary

Alix Franquet
Alix is leading our work to support international marketing, with an emphasis on empowering community marketing. She’s also mind-melding with the Firefox development team to build reviewers’ guides for Firefox 3.
email: alix

David Rolnitzky
David leads our new user outreach activities, from search engine marketing to partner initiatives with eBay and Kodak.
email: david

Melissa Shapiro
Melissa is our PR manager. She makes sure Mozilla and Firefox stories are represented well in the media that cover our work.
email: melissa

John Slater
John is Mozilla marketing’s creative director. He’s our branding and messaging guru, responsible for the voice we use to represent Firefox in our marketing.
email: jslater

David Tenser
David is a longtime contributor to Mozilla and authored the reference standard for Firefox support. He’s joined Mozilla to lead the rollout of new end user support resources, working with a team drawn from the community.
email: djst

We work with colleagues all over the world. In Mountain View: Rhian Baker, Ken Kovash, Alex Polvi, Asa Dotzler, Jay Patel and Seth Bindernagel. In Europe: Tristan Nitot, Jane Hatton Finette, Anne-Julie Ligneau and Pascal Chevrel. In Japan: Gen Kanai, Kaori Negoro and Kohei Yoshino. In China: Li Gong and Jack Guo.

It goes without saying that we are working together with thousands of marketing community contributors through Spread Firefox and beyond to get the word out about Firefox.

We’ll be sharing a bunch more over the coming weeks as we build up to the worldwide launch of Firefox 3 about our planning, content and approach. In the meantime, say hey to the Mozilla go team.


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